Paul Simmons

ADA Information Specialist - Rocky Mountain ADA Center

Paul Simmons Born in South Africa, Paul Simmons feels that the greatest gift from his parents is the gift of language. Paul was born Deaf to Deaf parents who were able to effectively communicate with Paul since birth. As a result, Paul is multi-lingual, being able to converse in several sign languages including ASL. While in South Africa, Paul was actively involved with the Deaf community there including being the first Deaf Executive chairperson of the largest and oldest Deaf organization in South Africa.

After moving to the United States to attend Gallaudet University and after obtaining his second Masters degree from McDaniel College, Paul has worked within the Education sector, educating Deaf children in the secondary level, and post-secondary levels and has taught Deaf culture and American Sign Language to hearing students at colleges and universities in the United States and South Africa. Paul specializes in research, Deaf Studies, Social Studies, and International Disability Rights. Paul’s passion is in how the law relates to people with disabilities and has developed a course in International Disability Rights Movements. Currently Paul is employed at the Rocky Mountain ADA center as an ADA Information Specialist handling queries relating to rights of individuals with disabilities.