Our Team

THANK YOU to our production team, generous sponsors, guest speakers, web developers, and volunteer contributors who play an important role in supporting ADA Live! . Their dedication and assistance make this show possible.

A special thank you to Pamela Williamson - Project Director of the Southeast ADA Center, for her absolute support of WADA “ADA Live!” from its conception to inaugural launch and her invaluable feedback during our extensive pre-launch test-runs.

Production Team

  • Cheri Hofmann, Southeast ADA Center
    Content Editing, Alternative Communication Specialist
  • Mary Morder, Southeast ADA Center
    Content Editing, Help Line Specialist
  • DaThao Nguygen, Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University
    Information Technology Support
  • Celestia Ohrazda, Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University
    Web Development and Design, BlogTalk Studio Engineer  
  • Marsha Schwanke, Southeast ADA Center
    Content Development and Web/IT Support, Blackboard Collaborate Facilitator
  • Cynthia Smith, Southeast ADA Center
    Technical Assistance and Logistical Planning
  • Sally Weiss, Southeast ADA Center
    Content Editing
  • Rebecca Williams, Southeast ADA Center
    Blogtalk Switchboard Operator and Caller Assistance

Volunteer Contributors

  • Eric Dupre, Photojournalist
    Audio files and created ADA Live! introduction
  • Great Lakes ADA Center, Member of the ADA National Network
    Assistance and content for website
  • Jack Humburg, Boley Centers, Inc.
    Voiceovers for the ADA Live! commercials
  • Eva Reynolds
    External Test-run Facilitator
  • Mark Schwanke,  Graphic designer
    ADA Live! logo design consultation

Technical Providers

Project Sponsors