Our Team

THANK YOU to our production team, generous sponsors, guest speakers, web developers, and volunteer contributors who play an important role in supporting ADA Live! (WADA). Their dedication and assistance make this show possible.

A special thank you to Pamela Williamson - Project Director of the Southeast ADA Center, for her absolute support of WADA “ADA Live!” from its conception to inaugural launch and her invaluable feedback during our extensive pre-launch test-runs.

Production Team

  • Cheri Hofmann, Southeast ADA Center
    Content Editing, Alternative Communication Specialist
  • Mary Morder, Southeast ADA Center
    Content Editing, Help Line Specialist
  • DaThao Nguygen, Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University
    Information Technology Support
  • Celestia Ohrazda, Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University
    Web Development and Design, BlogTalk Studio Engineer  
  • Marsha Schwanke, Southeast ADA Center
    Content Development and Web/IT Support, Blackboard Collaborate Facilitator
  • Cynthia Smith, Southeast ADA Center
    Technical Assistance and Logistical Planning
  • Sally Weiss, Southeast ADA Center
    Content Editing
  • Rebecca Williams, Southeast ADA Center
    Blogtalk Switchboard Operator and Caller Assistance

Volunteer Contributors

  • Eric Dupre, Photojournalist
    Audio files and created ADA Live! introduction
  • Great Lakes ADA Center, Member of the ADA National Network
    Assistance and content for website
  • Jack Humburg, Boley Centers, Inc.
    Voiceovers for the ADA Live! commercials
  • Eva Reynolds
    External Test-run Facilitator
  • Mark Schwanke,  Graphic designer
    ADA Live! logo design consultation

Technical Providers

Project Sponsors