I am hosting an event at a hotel. Who is responsible for providing wheelchair access to the stage?

Both the hotel and the public entity or private business renting the hotel meeting space have responsibilities under the ADA to ensure that everyone regardless of disability has an equal opportunity to enjoy the services and facilities offered by your event.

If the hotel provides temporary stages or raised platforms, they must make these temporary elements accessible to people with disabilities unless doing so would result in an undue administrative or financial burden.

In your contract with the hotel, you should include a list of the accessible features (accessible stage, assistive listening devices, etc.) that the hotel will provide for your event.  This list should include cost (if any) for these accessible features.  You have the most power to negotiate before you sign a contract with the hotel.

If the stage is being rented from an outside company, the individual renting the stage should inquire about providing a ramp and other features to make the stage accessible. Accessible features should be addressed in the contract between the individual renting the stage/platform and the provider. 

If a stage or raised platform is not accessible to all speakers, do not use it. It is insulting to ask a speaker with a mobility-related disability to be the only person to present from below stage level.