Our town has a crafts workshop every spring. Some presenters use big heavy extension cords to run their equipment. Do we have to do anything to cover them?

Buildings or outdoor venues designed for complete accessibility can become inaccessible without proper attention when setting up temporary events such as your crafts workshop.  A poorly placed extension cord can make your crafts workshop venue unusable to people with mobility disabilities. In regards to the ADA, the extension cords need to be addressed if they are obstructing the accessible route or access to craft workshop activities for people with disabilities.

The site that serves the crafts workshop should have at least one accessible route that connects accessible parking, passenger loading zones, and sidewalks to the accessible building or outdoor venue entrance.  To the maximum extent possible, this accessible route should coincide with the route for the general public. 

This continuous, unobstructed accessible path of travel should continue to and within the crafts workshop setting.  In addition, the accessible route should also link to accessible restrooms, drinking fountains and other amenities serving the craft workshop area.

When setting up areas where craft activities will take place, arrangements should allow enough space so that people using wheelchairs or other mobility aids can maneuver around temporary elements like booths, signs, or tents.  Displays and exhibits should be designed so that people can see and/or reach items from a seated position.