Captioning for ADA Live! in Blackboard Collaborate

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Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate

As you prepare to access ADA Live! and captioning in Blackboard Collaborate, we want to ensure you have all of the resources that you need so that you are successfully up and running for the broadcast. Real-time captioning is available within Blackboard Collaborate through a captioning window that can be "turned on."

What You Need

  • Computer or web-enabled device with an Internet connection
  • Speakers or headphones

Note: On the day of the broadcast, links to the audio and real-time captioning will be available under On the Air Today - ADA Live!.

IMPORTANT – Test Set-up before the Radio Show:

To ensure successful participation, especially if this is your first time using Blackboard Collaborate:

  • You may be prompted to download software, which may take from 2-20 minutes depending upon your Internet connection speed.
  • Review Blackboard/Elluminate Support.

Assistive Technology/Screen Reader

Note: Contact your Network Administrator if you have problems with installing Blackboard Collaborate. Again, it is imperative that you complete this step before the radio show.

Day of the Broadcast and Real-Time Captioning

Login to Blackboard Collaborate

NOTE: On the day of the live broadcast, the Captioning Link for ADA Live! broadcast in Blackboard Collaborate will be available on the homepage under Live Radio Show - ADA Live!.

  1. Select the link: Captioning Link for ADA Live! broadcast in Blackboard Collaborate up to 60 minutes before the scheduled start of the live broadcast.
  2. In the Blackboard Collaborate Session Log In box, enter your name.
  3. Within Blackboard Collaborate, the captioning window will display and can be "turned on" (or "off"). No other special equipment or software is needed to view the captioning.

Help/Questions with Blackboard Collaborate?
Southeast ADA Center
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Set-up for Multiple Participants

If you set-up a location ("site") for multiple participants to view the radio show, you can use one computer and an LCD projector and also designate one individual to enter any comments and questions in the text chat area of Blackboard Collaborate.

First Time Users - Blackboard Collaborate

The Blackboard Collaborate version 12.5 platform is compatible with Windows and Mac Operating Systems. It supports Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome web browsers. Specific requirements for the platform can be found at: Blackboard Collaborate Website Support Page.

Blackboard Collaborate Users:

We recommend that you prepare your technology prior to the session. Depending on your organizational policies you may need the assistance of your IT Staff if firewalls prevent you from downloading files. If you plan to log into the Blackboard platform to access real-time captioning for a live broadcast or listen to a captioned recordinging of ADA Live!, it is important that you follow the instructions for checking your computer system to ensure that it is configured correctly and you have the necessary software to access and use the Blackboard platform.

  • Step 1: Visit the Blackboard Collaborate Support Portal.
    1. Click First Time Users.
    2. Click Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing (You will see a message that will verify if you have the correct system requirements).
  • Step 2: You may use the configuration room provided by Blackboard to test your connection, settings, and configure your audio.
  • Step 3: Additional resources are provided by Blackboard Collaborate if you experience problems and/or want additional information.

Mobile Device Option

  • Blackboard Collaborate version 12.5 offers an option to view and interact with the radio show via their Free Mobile App. The App is available for download from the Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon.
  • The Mobile App is compatible/available for IPhone and IPad, Android devices and Kindle Fire HD.
    • NOTE: The Mobile App is not compatible with other Kindle devices.
  • Closed Captioning is not available via the Mobile App.
  • The majority of Whiteboard Content is not accessible to screen readers in the Mobile App.
    • NOTE: Some content, for example, the headers, are accessible to screen readers.
  • Individuals should review the information available from Blackboard regarding their Mobile App options at Blackboard Collaborate Website.

Assistive Technology/Screen Reader

Additional Notes and Information

Note for Windows 8 Users: It has been reported that some Windows 8 users have faced compatibility issues with Blackboard version 12.5 and hence we kindly request that you check your system compatibility well in advance of the session to allow for any necessary troubleshooting.

We STRONGLY recommend you do this well in advance of the session to allow for any necessary troubleshooting.

Blackboard Collaborate version 12.5 provides a number of resources for additional information if you experience problems connecting to the platform. These may include problems with firewalls, versions of JAVA, etc. For additional information visit the Blackboard Collaborate Knowledge Base.

Note: Individuals who are using Screen Reader Software should review the instructions and information available at: Screen Reader Guide to Blackboard Collaborate.

Help/Questions with Blackboard Collaborate?
Southeast ADA Center
Phone: 404-541-9001