Live Captioning

Instructions to Join the ADA Live! broadcast in Zoom

First-Time Users of Zoom

  • Before the day of the broadcast,  visit the Zoom website to download Zoom - PC, Mac, Mobile or the link:
  • Below are the Instructions to Join the ADA Live! broadcast in Zoom
    • After login to Zoom, you can use your device/mic or the phone for audio. 
  • Also provided below for your review:
    • Controls within Zoom 
    • Hot Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom

Join Zoom by Link for ADA Live!

  1. On the computer or device, that you have downloaded the Zoom app.
  2. Select this link to join in Zoom for ADA Live! broadcast
    (If the link, doesn't open - see below instructions to "Manually Join")
  3. A box may display prompting you to "Finish registration to join the webinar"
  4. Complete the fields to enter "Your Name" and "Your Email"
  5. Click the button-link: Join Webinar.
  6. This should take you directly into Zoom.
  7. A box will display prompting you to "Choose ONE of the audio conference options"

Phone for Audio in Zoom

  1. If you select this option you will be provided with two phone numbers and the webinar/meeting ID.
  2. Dial US: +1 929 436 2866  or +1 669 900 6833 
  3. Enter the ID followed by the hashtag symbol
    -- Webinar ID: 621 886 588 #
  4. When asked for participant ID, enter again the hashtag symbol.

Computer for Audio in Zoom

  1. If you select this option, you will be provided with two choices.
  2. Select the first choice: Join Audio Conference by Computer. Then you will be in Zoom.
  3. Note: Only use the 2nd choice if you need to Test Computer Mic & Speakers
  4. You will be in Zoom as an attendee.

Manually Join Zoom for ADA Live!

 ** If the link to join, doesn't open Zoom.**

  • Open the Zoom app.
  • A box "Zoom Cloud Meetings" should display.
  • Click the button-link: Join a Meeting
  • Into the Meeting ID/Personal Link Name field ,
    enter the 9-digit meeting/webinar ID - 621 886 588
  • Click the button-link: Join
  • A box will display prompting you to "Finish registration to join the webinar"
  • Complete the fields to enter "Your Name" and "Your Email"
  • Click the button-link: Join Webinar
  • This should take you into the webinar.

Captioning within Zoom

Windows or Mac

  • When closed captions are available or in use, in the toolbar in Zoom, Closed Caption and/or the CC icon will be displayed. 
  • To turn on captions, select the Closed Caption or CC icon from the toolbar in Zoom.
  • The caption window will then appear at the bottom of your screen.
  • If you need to adjust the size of your closed captions, select the up arrow next to start/stop video and choose Video Settings from the menu.
  • Then select Accessibility tab or option.
  • Move the slider to make the captions larger or smaller.

For more information:
Viewing Closed Captions in Zoom

Controls within Zoom

Audio Settings in Zoom

  1. To adjust your audio settings in Zoom, click on Audio Options from the toolbar in Zoom.
  2. This will open up the audio settings section of your Zoom application settings.
  3. You can click on the drop downs to change the audio devices or adjust the sliders to change the volume.
  4. You can also click on the up arrow ^ next to Audio Settings to change your speaker.

Chat in Zoom

  1. The in-meeting chat allows you to send chat messages to and send a message to the host and panelists.
  2. Click Chat from the toolbar in Zoom to open the in-meeting chat.
  3. The chat will appear on the right side of your Zoom window if you are not in full screen. If you are in full screen, will appear in a window that you can move around your screen as needed.
  4. To change who you are chatting with, click the drop down box beside To: in the Chat app.
  5. Type your message and press Enter.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Zoom

Hot Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom